Vision and Mission

Advocating the eradication of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation

Save The Women Ministry International is faith-based and dedicated to reaching out to adult industry victims offering emotional, financial and transitional support. We largely focus on reaching out to the adult film industry & prostituted & human trafficking victims abroad offering education and resources to victims of sex trafficking and violence in the workplace. Save The Women Ministry International also reaches out to those struggling with pornography addiction offering education and large doses of truth to recover.

Men and women addicted to porn need to hear it straight from the women who were there.

Save The Women Ministry also works to combat community deterioration due to pornography and sex trafficking through attempts to educate legislation about the illegally operating porn industry, to educate the general public and to toughen laws to protect women and children from modern-day slavery.

Warning: This web site contains large doses of truth about the sex industry for purposes of education. If you are 17 years of age or under please ask your parents for permission to view this web site, although statistics show the largest group for viewing online pornography is ages 12 – 17.

Because of the huge epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, illegal drug use and violence toward adult industry workers, Tania. Fiolleau Founded Save The Women Ministry International in 2009.

Tania Fiolleau a former human trafficking survivor of major abuse in the sex industry and former madam of four brothels and well over 500 prostitutes was diagnosed with Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Through inner healing and redemption she found in Jesus Christ Tania has now become a major voice abroad defending the rights of victims across the globe.

After finding God through Christianity and working hard to spreading her message across the globe, Tania conquered the horrible effects of her past and became a Champion in life through the power of Jesus Christ. Ten years later Tania began her mission to go back to the horrible sex industry to reach out to porn stars, domestic abuse survivors, human trafficking victims and sex workers offering them solid help and hope. Tania is also on a mission to smash the illusion of porn & the repulsive flesh trade and help people overcome pornography & sex addiction all the while spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

Tania Fiolleau is the Founder of Save The Women Ministry International. She is a TV Talk Show Host on a faith based weekly talk show. Author and International Speaker. She advocates the eradication of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation while providing the means by which this huge task can be accomplished.

Over the years, Tania has been carrying out her ministry in venues such as federal prisons, speaking to the homeless, counseling women in distress and mentoring women that she has endeavored to rescue from brothels, the clutches of their pimps and from the dark streets through which they travel every day mentally or physically. Tania is an International speaker on raising awareness while doing prevention in these areas. Tania is in the media throughout the globe as well as on the front lines.

Here is what one of Tania’s friends had to say about her work: “Tania devotes her whole being to these abused girls. She places their needs first over her own. She stays up all night and does everything she can for them and her heart bleeds when they are hurt. It’s much like a mother putting her own life at risk for the sake of her young. When I met with Tania at the coffee shop, I had a brief glimpse of that sacrificial love and burning vision. I was moved.”

Tania has been working in conjunction with global organizations while assessing women who are escaping the flesh trade and finding them suitable placement. She is a minister in a leadership position in her local church, working on a one-on-one basis with men and women who suffer from the sequels of abuse in all sorts of circumstances, including domestic violence and human trafficking. She has been reaching out to everyone who needs her, while attempting to turn their souls toward Christ – saving their existence from a desolate future.

Tania’s goal and successes reside in her ability to give people hope, when there was no more hope, to walk with them down the path of faith, which will ultimately lead them to enter the Kingdom of God. Her desire is to see the poorest of poor reaching salvation through Jesus Christ.

Tania is often quoted to say, “Being a former victim myself and knowing the pain these people go through and how Jesus pulled me out of the miry pit, I want to spend the rest of my life telling people about Jesus and giving them hope.”

Basically, Tania Fiolleau is a Christian humanitarian who has been through hell and back and who is now a personal messenger of hope to all who have suffered like her.

All donations made to Tania’s ministry will be given to the pursuance of her cause. As Tania often says, “Our goal is to raise awareness and global attention on the rising issues of human trafficking and sexual exploitation and we see it as violence. Human beings are not commodities and are not to be bought or sold.”

Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 was designed to abolish slavery across the States of the Union. However, far from disappearing, human trafficking and slavery is alive and prosperous today. This industry is flourishing across the world, seeing homeless boys and girls taken from their environment and shipped elsewhere to satisfy the sexual hunger of ignominious despots. Sexual exploitation is only one of the aspects of slave trafficking, forced labor is another. Every day thousands of children are bought and sold to end up in prostitution rings and labor bonds.

Many individuals of all ages are seeking a better life; a life away from the streets, out of domestic violence and prostitution. These people have been raped, abused, beaten and often humiliated beyond the limits of human understanding. The law, in many countries, does not account for the human suffering these people endure and cannot impose sufficient punishment to the perpetrators. Most often, the victims are too afraid to speak out about their ordeal, given that dire reprisals await them once they have shown signs of cooperating with the authorities.

Tania Fiolleau’s quest and mission is to redress the problem.

She also wants people to realize that not only women suffer from atrocious abuse, but children, which the system often ignores, end up in the street or in the frightful hands of traffickers. These children cannot dream, cannot play, and cannot look forward to a normal existence; they are condemned to slavery.

Part of Tania’s mission is dedicated to saving the victims of slavery from poverty, discrimination, illiteracy and most of all, from the traffickers who are to be stopped in their tracks.

Tania is the victims’ voice, in quest of ending their suffering by raising global awareness to their plight and offering them hope while providing them with a way to a better life through Jesus Christ.