Steps you can take to help stop Human Trafficking

Many Canadians think they are far removed from issues like human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Canada however, is a major port and hub for human trafficking. Human trafficking is a well organized criminal activity that will demand that the general population take their stand against this injustice. The Lord commands to “seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the orphan and plead the case of the widow” (Is. 1:17). It’s seeing Jesus in the eyes of every single human being— including the precious children that are exploited on a daily basis, unaware of their immeasurable worth in God’s eyes.


Save The Women Ministry International needs financial help immediately to reach precious women who are being tortured and abused in the porn industry, sex trafficking & horrific flesh trade. We also need your help to fight the criminal porn industry, traffickers, recruiters & pimps abroad and to hold them legally accountable for the severe sex trafficking of women & children. Together, we will win this fight!

It is the goal of STW to see these precious ladies be transformed through the love of Jesus Christ and redeemed by the blood of Jesus. STW is out to save souls! STW is out to save lives!Save The Women relies solely on your financial support.

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Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.
“King Jesus will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25:40

Read more about Save the Women Vision and Mission

Thank you for your generous donation. May the LORD bless you as you have just contributed to blessing others.

Wish list

STW is a not for profit and we rely solely on your donations and giving. It takes funds and donations to operate and we are always in need.

Here is a wish list. If you would like to donate, please donate and drop off in a packaged box to the address below.

  • Used laptops for the girls to re-integrate back into society.
  • Clothes for the girls to get back into the work force.
  • Bathroom products ie: shampoos etc (un-opened)
  • Any type of brand new hygiene or beauty products
  • New or lightly worn women’s clothing
  • Curling irons, blow dryers etc.
  • Bibles and Christian faith based books
  • Our biggest need is financial donations that are residual every month. We rely soley on your donations to keep STW up and running.

11 Things You Can Do To Combat Human Trafficking

Ever think that sometimes the problem of human trafficking is just too big? We know that it’s a complex issue, but it’s hard to tangibly identify things we can do to make any sort of impact. Never fret; we have generated a few ideas to help you out!

1. Create something

Are you a musician? A movie-goer? An artist? Music tracks such as Tim Be Told’s Just Another Man lyrically depicts the pangs of human trafficking, and The Jubilee Project recently released a short film highlighting the issue too. Channel your bewilderment and aching into an artistic release that may also move others.

2. Learn the signs

There are several warning signs that can clue an observer into seeing how someone may be victim of human trafficking. Knowing that it can happen across our streets such as battered individuals admitted into a hospital’s E.R. or the bus boy in a nearby restaurant gives responsibility to everyone in the community to stop this rampant crime. Visit The Polaris Project to read some of the red flags.

3. Post a status/link

One of the keen ways that has revolutionized human trafficking is simply greater public awareness. More and more people learned about it, demanded change, and talked about it. With social media like facebook or twitter, you can share or retweet with all your friends and followers online by a single click of a button.

4. Visit a nearby fair trade coffee shop

Fair trade goods were amongst the first tangible introduction to consumer power. Yelp or Google coffeehouses in your area and arrange a one-on-one with a friend. It may cost an extra dollar for your beverage, but at least you’ll have a safe conscience, not to mention maybe you’ll be able to educate your friend as well!

5. Host a movie night

Who doesn’t love a reason to hang out? Food, friends, and fun – we all love a good excuse to gather together, whether it’s a birthday, the Superbowl, annual holidays, etc. Why not consider planning for a different sort of cause? Host a get-together with a film like Amazing Grace or Slavery’s Last Stronghold.

6. Go secondhand shopping/thrifting

You’ve heard the sweatshops and the terrible labor conditions surrounding the clothing industry. Maybe you’ve looked into fair trade clothing but your eyes bulged when you looked at the prices. Thrifting is a cheaper, but an effective alternative in that rather than having the profits go back to the corporate, you instead are supporting the local business. No more guilty conscience in purchasing that cute top!

7. Pray

Sometimes the issues and problems of the world seem too vast for goodness to triumph. But in prayer, it allows your mind to form thoughts and ideas, the beginnings before tangible steps can be enacted. You begin to feel the weight, and internally sympathize with the cries of the world.

8. Sign a petition

Did you know that over 20 states in the U.S. signed anti-trafficking laws in the last year? A large component to such progress came from the hands of ordinary citizens, who sent letters and phone calls to state congressmen demanding for harsher policies that prosecute traffickers. IJM recently released a campaign letter for major supermarket chains in joining the Fair Food Program. Simply fill in the blanks and send it out.

9. Fund organizations like Save the Women through this website

Most organizations depend on consumers and philanthropists in order to continue their work. Find out if your favorite NGOs are being responsible and accountable; if they are, help financially support them!

10. Buy products that support the fight

CAUSEGEAR is a good example of a product that helps the poorest of the poor and those especially vulnerable to trafficking. Too many trafficking victims also get lured back into slavery again because they don’t get the much-needed skills training, support, and sustainable jobs. The Nomi Network also has products with a tagline: “buy her bag, not her body.”

11. Join a campaign

Quite possibly the largest single campaign for human trafficking, Light the Dark Campaign is scheduled to launch in 2013. You can also join IJM’s Recipe for Change to request slave-free tomatoes in supermarket chains (as discussed above). Or bring the Half the Sky Movement to your campus!

If you donate to Save The Women, all the proceeds go towards raising public awareness and combating human trafficking abroad.

Abolitionist Action List

Read “Souled Out!” by Tania Fiolleau : (can be purchased off this site)

  • Invisible Chains: Canada’s Underground World of Human Trafficking by Benjamin Perrin
  • The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade by Victor Malarek
  • The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It by Victor Malarek
  • A Crime So Monstrous by E. Benjamin Skinner
  • Priceless (novel) by Tom Davis
  • The Whistleblower by Kathryn Bolkovac and Cari Lynn


Subscribe to: Savethewomen1 on youtube

  • TRADE (full length film about how girls are trafficked into the U.S.)
  • Fields of Mudan (short film about a young girl’s introduction to a brothel)
  • The Candy Shop Documentary by Whitestone Motion Pictures (artistic short film using metaphor and symbolism to raise awareness about sex trafficking)
  • Enslaved & Exploited: The Story of Sex Trafficking in Canada by Hope for the Sold
  • Sex+Money: The National Search for Human Worth
  • UN Gift Hub Films List

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Donate cell phones recycles them to help prevent human trafficking. Email to receive information on free shipping from Canada.

Buy Smart

Research where products come from and how they are made.

  • Cards:
  • Fair Trade Shopping Guide:

Encourage an Abolitionist.

Send a note of encouragement or gift to someone like:

People like these work hard to fight human trafficking, and might appreciate encouragement every now and then! There are many others as well, so find someone you are inspired by and send some love their way.

Be the Movement

Say no to legalization of prostitution. Stay connected and educated.

Raise a Movement

Parents, teach your kids what it looks like to respect women, and check out for internet safety tips.

Contact Elected Officials

Contrary to popular belief government officials want to listen to their constituents. They want to know how you feel about issues – it is in their best interest to vote the way their voters would vote or they may not have a job come November.

The most difficult part of making a phone call, writing a letter, or sending an email is knowing what to say. Below are some tips and some sample sentences that you can use to help you effectively communicate your support for Save The Ministry International. Learn more about the Internet Zoning Initiative at

Writing Tips

• Identify who you are. You want them to understand that you are someone who votes and influences other voters.
• Identify the issue. Get right to the point – tell the person you are contacting that you are concerned about Internet pornography & human trafficking.
• Ask explicitly for support. Encourage the individual to support the abolishment of the horrible flesh trade. Encourage the individual to support Save The Women Ministry Internationals efforts to change laws regarding the illegally operating pornography industry & human trafficking in your country.
• To simplify the process we’ve provided some sample sentences to help you in what you have to say, and what it can do to protect you from Internet pornography.

Sample Sentences:

Do not rely exclusively on the sample sentences. Express your thoughts about Internet pornography, prostitution & human trafficking. Mention personal experiences you may have had with Internet pornography or prostitution in your area and its negative effects on you and your family. Mention there are women and men abused by the porn industry, prostitution & human trafficking daily and that there must be more enforcing health laws within the porn industry.

The technology behind the Internet Zoning Initiative is already in place. We simply need strong legislation to enforce the protection of our children and businesses.

The Internet Zoning Initiative will hold pornographers accountable for the material they produce.
Implementing the Internet Zoning Initiative can help families and businesses protect themselves from the negative effects of Internet pornography, while protecting free speech.

The Internet Zoning Initiative finally provides us with a way to protect free speech on the Internet while protecting my right to be free from speech I find offensive.

I would love to monitor my children every time they are on the Internet, but that isn’t possible. The Internet Zoning Initiative will allow my children to utilize the benefits of the Internet without constant supervision.

I want to let my children utilize the valuable resources on the Internet without being afraid they will stumble upon Internet pornography.

Society without law is anarchy. The current Internet absent of any laws is equally chaotic and clearly dangerous to minors. In order for the Internet to evolve into a more useful global communication network for everyone, we must implement reasonable legislation which preserves speech, enhances choice, and protects minors.

Pornography addiction can influence a number of problems, including deviant sexual behaviors and appetites, dysfunctional relationships, incarceration, divorce and even murder.
We’ve taken great measures in our society to protect our children from addictive substances. Shouldn’t we do the same for pornographic material that is available to every child in his or her own home? Pornography is what drives one to then want to go out and act on the real thing which then fuels the flesh trade and human trafficking abroad.

Many porn performers are abused daily by the illegally operating porn industry which is causing more deaths due to secondary negative effects than any other industry.