Public Press release concerning Shelley Lubben and The Pink Cross Foundation

After a great length of time and a great amount of prayer, and after seeking counsel and trying my best to deal with this situation according to scripture, I am now feeling lead in the spirit to release a public statement about Shelley Lubben and The Pink Cross Foundation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Save The Women International and its advisory staff will be taking a much needed one year sabbatical, as we have been working extremely hard. We chose one year to recharge due to the extreme heavy and steady, disturbing content that we deal with on the front lines and I feel the Lord is calling me to a period of rest in Him. I have had some health issues in which I need to tend too and I am not certain as to the date in which I will be back running STW at this time. We will be referring women in need to another one of our co-partner ministries in the meantime, so these women’s needs will still be tended to.

I will also be on a one year sabbatical from my leadership position in my church and from hosting my TV show as well. I will only tend to a few public speaking engagements that I carefully select.

One thing that has grieved my heart over the years is seeing how many of the organizations compete against each other for funding as well as notoriety. This saddens me because the focus should be helping the individual women and win their souls to Jesus Christ. When I see a woman get saved and lead to salvation, it makes me overjoyed, no matter which organizations assisted in saving her.

The bible states in Isaiah 1:17- Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.

Now this is one scripture that really stands out to me and contributed to propelling me to come forward. I’ve received multiple letters from women whom have suffered at the hands of Shelley Lubben and The Pink Cross Foundation. They were trying to come forward but not being taken seriously due to Shelley Lubben discrediting their accusations by accusing them of being lying drug addicted porn stars/prostitutes, and using her public platform and public figure status to squash their credibility. This left the women victimized again, and my Lord admonishes those who do not take a stand for justice and this is what I am doing. I am seeking justice on behalf of the many women whom have been hurt by Shelley Lubben and The Pink Cross Foundation.

The Lord commands us to be a voice for the voiceless. In fact in Proverbs 31:8-10 it states: Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and the rights of all who are vulnerable. Speak out in order to judge in righteousness and to defend the needy and the poor.

These women are vulnerable and have had no voice. It is our duty as Christ followers to give them one.

Ephesians 5:11 also states Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.

After a great amount of prayer, I am doing just that.

I came to know Shelley Lubben in 2012. We met in person in Los Angeles, California that May, when we were both guest speakers at an event. In fact, Shelley was the one that asked to have me speak at the event and purchased my ticket to fly there as well, because she said she really wanted to meet me. She had also expressed to me that she wanted me to make a video with her.

I noticed later that Shelley had posted photos of me on her website that in my opinion created the false impression that she had “saved” me.

After Shelley purchased my ticket, she reiterated several times for me not to tell a single soul that she had bought my ticket. Something wasn’t sitting right with me about this, and after you read the rest of this statement you may come to the conclusion that she may have not wanted me to say anything to anyone because she possibly might have bought my ticket with Pink Cross donor funds. (Shelley also told me she would pay me $200 — which I did not receive.) It is my understanding that this would not be the first time that there have been questions about how Pink Cross spends donor funds, as much of this is publicly accessible.

Pink Cross Foundation has recently removed copies of its tax returns from its website, so please visit this official link to public information on the organization’s tax filings:

Once I arrived in Los Angeles, I finally met Shelley. All of the speakers got together at a restaurant to fellowship the night before the event. I noticed at the restaurant that Shelley was drinking wine, which may not be odd as people do drink wine with dinner, but Shelley claims she is alcoholic who has been healed of all her addictions. In fact this claim is the very foundation of her ministry:

“He has completely restored me. I am totally free from drugs, alcohol, bad memories, mental illness, sexual trauma, guilt from the past, and everything from the old life. He even healed me from the non-curable disease herpes,” Shelley told the 700 Club.

As that night continued, I noticed she literally chugged the last glass of wine in about 1-2 gulps before we left the restaurant. I also noticed her using vulger profanity quite freely and often.

I rode back to the hotel in Shelley’s truck along with her and two of her Pink Cross staff.  As I was sitting in the back seat behind Shelley, I noticed her take a prescription bottle out of her purse and take some sort of medication. This may have been innocent but it does coincide with the many complaints of people who have come forward to state they have witnessed Shelley abuse prescription drugs, including her own assistant and women supposedly in her care.

Please see some of the complaints made by women whom have had dealings with Shelley Lubben in the following link to Michael Whiteacre’s YouTube channel:

Michael Whiteacre is not a porn producer as Shelley charges, but he is not against porn. However, he is trained as an attorney and would not be so foolish to publicize false and defamatory accusations. He produced these videos with what I would consider to be facts that concern Shelley Lubben telling tales that contradict her own words or publicly available information; Shelley misbehaving on video; and the testimony of women who complain that they have been abused, exploited or misled by her organization. In my dealings with Michael Whiteacre I have found him to be nothing but pleasant and professional. He has stated that his focus on Shelley Lubben is based on “her lies, her shaming and exploiting of adult performers,and the way she misleads donors” — and he has not come out against any other Christian organizations. I have found that none of his videos are out of line with what I myself have experienced from Shelley. Also, Michael Whiteacre did not contact me. I contacted him.

On the ride back to the hotel, Shelley noticed that we were passing the headquarters of porn producers Vivid Entertainment. She then directed her assistant to pull into a fast food restaurant where she ran inside and came out with a large amount of paper toilet seat covers and mustard and catsup. In what I feel resembled a prescription drug and alcohol-induced frenzy, she ordered her assistant to pull over in front of the Vivid sign in front of the building and she proceeded to vandalize it by splattering the mustard and catsup and toilet seat covers all over it.

She then took two different tubes of lipstick, marked up the sign and signed “Love Shelley”. She posed in front of the sign in multiple “porn star” positions with her middle finger sticking up, as she had her peers take multiple photos of her very proud accomplishments of breaking the law and vandalizing private property. Shelley asked me many times to assist her in vandalizing the sign, which I declined.

A black Mercedes pulled up with three men in it who asked what was going on. Shelley walked up to the Mercedes, leaned into the window, and in a Jezebel spirit she squished together her breasts and seductively lied to the gentlemen in the car, saying, “Hi, I’m a porn star. I work here”. She was clearly being flirtatious, immodest and seductive in her behaviour toward these men as though she was trying to turn them on.

On a couple of occasions I tried to confront Shelley Lubben in private, and I did it according to scripture: Matthew 18:15 – If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.

Upon trying to confront Shelley Lubben in private she became very hostile toward me with a spirit of pride raising it’s ugly head and she also justified her actions by stating that Vivid founder Steven Hirsch deserved it because of all of the young girls lives he has ruined in porn. I told her that true agape love would draw someone to repentance, and that she should try to win pornographers to the Lord through love rather than attacking them. I explained to her that I have been able to convince pimps to stop pimping by teaching them God’s word and showing them God’s love. She wanted no part of it and wasn’t reasonable with me at all.

I have many pimps, porn stars and escorts as friends. As Corinthians 5:12 states: What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?  I do not judge those outside the church. However if Shelley claims to be in the church, I am within my biblical instructions to judge her according to God’s word.

Matthew 18:17 states: But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses.

So I then followed this step by repeatedly asking Mrs. Lubben who her spiritual headship was. I asked her for the name of her pastor, which she continuously refused to give me after many attempts. I explained to her that I would like for she and I and both our pastors to have a group discussion about this incident and many others that have followed which you will see further on in this public statement.

Shelley refused to tell me whom her covering was. Last summer, I instead received an email from Garrett Lubben’s email address:


It has been brought to my attention of your online communications with many of Shelley’s friends and people Pink Cross has helped or is continuing to help that you are inquiring personal information and much more from what I have seen that you want to contact Shelley’s pastor. Great, I am Shelley’s pastor of our home church and now you have that information. Not sure why you contact the people you have been as you know very well they are not Shelley’s covering and I question your motivation already.  If your motivation is love it shouldn’t be hard for you to fly out here and confront Shelley before our Godly leadership who she and I answer to and be a part of the meeting to ensure it is done as true Christian brothers and sisters.

We paid for your ticket from Canada to LA and hotel last time and this time if you truly love her and want to reconcile, I am sure you can pay for your ticket and hotel and I hope your husband will join us as he is a part of your covering too. If you want your pastor here as well that would be great as our m motivation is love and reconciliation. 

Shelley is a lover so this is not a fight but a true Christian biblical way to confront and reconcile. Read Matthew 18 and you will know how to confront and settle matters biblically. The goal is reconciliation on our end and we hope it is also yours. Thank you and hope we can all repent together and reconcile for His Glory. Let me know how you want to continue and when you would like to meet? I have copied the Pink Cross Board of Directors on this email for accountability and for the welfare of Pink Cross Foundation.

Garrett Lubben

This was my response:

Garrett please give me the name of your pastoral covering. Who is your Pastor Garrett? I would like to confront BOTH your covering as I feel you both need to be confronted.

Please elaborate on what personal information I am inquiring about. 

I would also like verification that it was “Shelley” that paid for my airline ticket and that it wasn’t Pink Cross because if Pink Cross paid for it, this is illegal. Shelley had repeatedly asked me NOT to tell anyone that she purchased ticket which now leads me to believe that it was fraudulently paid for out of donor funds. Shelley did not pay for my room. The Preventing Abuse Foundation did. Shelley did not pay me to speak either, although she told me she would. 

Garrett, who is your covering? Your pastoral covering, Garrett?

I would like the opportunity to confront Shelley on her behaviour, as I have expressed in multiple messages before. 

Please have your pastor contact me as I would like to handle this the biblical way. 

In Christ, Tania

I followed with this: 

Garrett. Please also tell me the names of the “many” friends of Shelley’s that I have contacted. Please give me the full names and phone numbers of the Board of Directors that are legally on your board and registered. You too Garrett, need someone up hold YOU accountable. Who is this person? What is the name of ” your church”? Are you stating that you are now a Pastor of your own church? If so, who is holding you accountable? I am growing gravely concerned with how I see you leading your wife, and leading “your church” as there are souls hanging in the balance and women being victimized. 

I look forward to your response and I too will be copying others on these emails as well. 

In Christ, Tania.

Garrett then responded: 


Grow up and do this in a biblical way. Tania, have you even prayed on how to handle this? When you let me know the date you will meet us all your concerns will be addressed. I came to you biblically and both your emails are anything but a sister in Christ response. You met Shelley once and never met me. Your emails are immature Tania. We will meet with you when you give me a date. No need for questions. Your wanted to Shelley’s covering and pastor. You have the info now. My covering will be there.


I then replied: 

Garrett, thank you for the quick response. I would love the opportunity to confront you and Shelley both on a biblical manner as I have been trying to do so for some time but Shelley refused to tell me who her coveting is and now you refuse to tell me who your covering is. Garrett can you please give me the name of who your pastor is and who you are accountable to Garrett? Can you please also give me a list of who your legal board of directors is so that I can be assured that I am confronting both you and Shelley in front of the proper legal board, as well as your covering and who holds you Garrett responsible. I am also willing to bring witnesses and do this the biblical way as I have all along. Once again Garrett, can you please answer my questions : 

#1: what is the name of your Pastor Garrett?

#2: What is the legal names and contact info of your legal board members so that I can confront you both on front of a legal board to hold you both accountable, legally. 

#3: Once again please give me the names of the many “friends” of Shelley’s that you claim I have contacted for information? 

When you get me this information we can move forward to a proper biblical way of confronting you and I have no issues with my pastor being present among other witnesses. 

I look forward to receiving your the information I’ve requested. I trust the fire going is in order. 

In Christ, Tania

I then sent him this email again: 

Garrett. Please also tell me the names of the “many” friends of Shelley’s that I have contacted. Please give me the full names and phone numbers of the Board of Directors that are legally on your board and registered. You too Garrett, need someone up hold YOU accountable. Who is this person? What is the name of ” your church”? Are you stating that you are now a Pastor of your own church? If so, who is holding you accountable?

I am growing gravely concerned with how I see you leading your wife, and leading “your church” as there are souls hanging in the balance and women being victimized.

I look forward to your response and I too will be copying others on these emails as well.

In Christ, Tania

Garrett replied: 


Like I stated in my first email. Act maturely and then we can discuss this with your covering (pastor and husband) You should have no concerns if you

trust God like us when confronting an issue in a biblical way. We are not writing you emails like you are writing us right now, nothing I see you

writing me is biblical. 

You sign your name In Christ, but what you do is not that. Go to your pastor with my emails and I will be happy to discuss this according to the Word of

God. Not human emotions or opinions Tania.

Tania, your grave concern of my leading is not up to you and God never has put you in a position to do so. You do not even know me therefore that is

why we need to handle this biblically. I will have all the information I stated of people coming to me when you get here. 


I responded with:

Please send me the emails to all of your legal board members do that I can be assured they are getting my responses. Thank you 

As you can see, I repeatedly asked them who their covering was and who were the legal board members, because Garrett and Shelley wanted me to fly to Bakersfield to confront them in their house with people they claim to be on the Pink Cross board. In reality, the so-called Pink Cross team wasn’t the staff listed as their board of directors on official documents. Those officers and directors were no longer with Pink Cross — they had left. They simply wanted me to sit in their living room with the new puppets they have brainwashed who are not independent board members… and Garrett Lubben still would not tell me who his covering was. This is because I believe Pink Cross to be a cult like Apostate Judas church that has no covering and does not want to be held accountable.

I later came to understand why Mrs. Lubben wouldn’t give me her pastor’s information and it was because she doesn’t have a pastor to hold her accountable. The Lubbens did not have a church at that time; they were on their own. I declined the Lubbens’ offer for my pastor and I to fly to Bakersfield since they had nobody holding them accountable. I felt we both needed unbiased spiritual headship to hold this meeting, to which The Lubbens would not agree.

In June 2013, I went public with the truth about what Shelley Lubben had done that night in Los Angeles. Michael Whiteacre posted photos of the damaged Vivid sign, autographed “Love Shelley” just as I described it, on a adult entertainment news site. Comments soon appeared slamming me as “a con”, accusing me of being one of the vandals, and noting that videos on the Save The Women YouTube channel contained some women who were associated with Lubben. These comments were traced to a Bakersfield, California IP address using The Lubbens’ ISP, and an email address which had been used to leave pro-Lubben/anti-Whiteacre comments on porn sites under the alias “justaxxxguy”. So in my opinion I believe that Shelley Lubben created this ficticious email address to slam my ministry and was caught with the IP address being her own home.

Part of the reason I came forward was because, after former Pink Cross associates had come out against her, Shelley made these women (and men) out to be liars. However, I had personally witnessed the same behaviour they had reported. I believe the claims by ALL of these individuals against Shelley Lubben and The Pink Cross Foundation to be true and I have also had other members of Pink Cross contact me in fear of coming out due to her vindictiveness, stating that they were tired of covering for her and that she gets drunk daily and according to their claims she has been in and out of rehab multiple times over the past two years. These are claims by past employees whom one in particular is a strong Christian and has recently stepped down.

Shelley Lubben continued attacking me and her “slanderers” online. When I responded on her Facebook “fan page”, my comment was removed immediately. Anyone who criticizes, or even questions Shelley Lubben on her public pages has their comments deleted. Only comments of the “Shelley, you’re me hero!” variety are tolerated.

Months earlier, Shelley had given me permission to put some of her videos on my channel, and I did so to get her more recognition and to raise awareness. Shortly after I spoke out against her, Shelley filed multiple false complaints against the Save The Women YouTube channel, alleging copyright infringement. Her complaints resulted in the channel being removed. If she truly didn’t want her videos on my channel she could have simply sent me an email to take them down, but she was was angry I had exposed her. With the channel went approximately 180 videos featuring of my interviews and resources for women in need.

It is my heart and my ministry to protect women who are victimized, and Isaiah 1:17: Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.

These women whom Shelley from Pink Cross seeks out are vulnerable and easy prey. Predators prey on the weak and the victimized; those who want to be loved and accepted. I firmly believe that Shelley Lubben re-victimizes them again and again in multiple ways.

Every time women come forward with negative stories about her, Shelley accuses them of being lying, mentally ill, demon-possessed porn stars who are on drugs, etc., and she uses her public platform to discredit them. Many Christians fall victim to Shelley’s lies because she is a “Christian” and these women’s voices aren’t being heard.

Psalms 31: 8-10 Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable. Speak out in order to judge with righteousness and to defend the needy and the poor.

I will not stand by another day longer and have vulnerable women be victimized by Shelley and Garrett Lubben and Pink Cross Foundation, nor will I stand by and watch innocent donors be duped out of their cash for Shelley Lubben to victimize women and live a lavish lifestyle.

Since I have started to slowly come public with some of this information, Shelley has called organizations whom have me on as a regular guest speaker and tried to tarnish my credibility. She was shut down quite quickly for doing so.

But Shelley can’t say that I am doing this because I’m a drug addicted porn star. She can’t say I’m doing this because I am competing for donations because my charity currently isn’t accepting donations while on a sabbatical, and I am from an entirely different country.

I foresee an ongoing vindictive backlash from Shelley as this is what she does when anyone — even her own blood family — challenges her on her behaviour, but I am following my heart that is grieving for the many women and donors whom I believe she and her husband and organization have victimized, and I am doing exactly what my Lord has called me to do: “Take a stand for justice and stand up for the oppressed”.

My hopes are that Shelley Lubben will turn to Christ in all of her ways and what would make me truly happy is to see her shining for Jesus and waking in HIM in all of her ways. I want to see her shine and succeed in Christ. I love her very much. As the word says “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

Tania Fiolleau

“I have seen Shelley under the influence, experienced her lies, her irrational behaviour, her intimidation when confronted and now her vindictiveness. To my fellow believers, I urge you to please come forward in order to be a voice for these women and out of good conscience because we need to protect these women from being victimized again and we also need to protect the donors who donate to Pink Cross in belief that they are on the up and up. She has used her position to discredit these women who have come forward and I can verify I have personally witnessed the same behaviour. Please be cautious”