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New West nightclub to rename ‘Pimps & Hos Party’

We would like to make a public announcement that in no way was it our intention to stop the "Pimp n Ho" party held by Status Night Club owned by Savereo Loria.   Savereo has been a personal friend of mine for years. When a "Pimp n Ho" Party announcement showed up on my news feed, I contacted Severeo, to educate him of the true meaning behind the name "Pimp n Ho". I explained to him that many women die at the hands of pimps daily and that our organization rescues women whom are beaten, exploited and sometimes murdered at ...


Please go to the link below and see all the info you need to know about fraud Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross Foundation. <br>


Melanie Dzeirba leaves Pink Cross Foundation. Read why:

MORE NEWS ON SHELLEY LUBBEN AND PINK CROSS FOUNDATION!!   As many of you may not know, Melanie Dzeirba was Shelley Lubben from Pink Cross Foundations, "right hand/manager". I know Melanie personally and she is one of the most obedient, God serving women with the upmost integrity I know.   According to Melanie, she has had to step down and completely resigned from Pink Cross due to witnessing Shelley Lubben abuse women (including herself) drink excessivley, take prescription medication, go in and out of rehab and more. She has shared with me personally that she could no longer work with Pink Cross because of ...


Regarding my personal experience with Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross Foundation -- After a great length of time and a great amount of prayer, and after seeking counsel and trying my best to deal with this situation according to scripture, I am now feeling lead in the spirit to release a public statement about Shelley Lubben and The Pink Cross Foundation.   I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Save The Women International and its advisory staff will be taking a much needed one year sabbatical, as we ...


Human Trafficking- Op-Ed   I would encourage you to help add your voice to this issue. The London Abused Women’s Centre has partnered with survivor organizations to launch a postcard campaign on the Nordic model. They have printed 50,000 postcards and have already sent out 20,000. You can order postcards for your church or organization at no cost from This spring I will present the cards to Justice Minister Peter MacKay.    Finally, Tweet and share this report on Facebook to educate others:!/notes/joy-smith/news-release-canada-at-a-tipping-point/10153864226255235