New West nightclub to rename ‘Pimps & Hos Party’

We would like to make a public announcement that in no way was it our intention to stop the “Pimp n Ho” party held by Status Night Club owned by Savereo Loria.

Savereo has been a personal friend of mine for years. When a “Pimp n Ho” Party announcement showed up on my news feed, I contacted Severeo, to educate him of the true meaning behind the name “Pimp n Ho”. I explained to him that many women die at the hands of pimps daily and that our organization rescues women whom are beaten, exploited and sometimes murdered at the hands of pimps.

It is our goal to only raise awareness to club promoters and owners to help assist us on raising awareness on human trafficking and not to support the “Pimp n Ho” name in any way that may desensitize the public as to the true meaning behind it but rather engage the community as to what is really going on here in our own back yards and the problem we have with human trafficking here in Canada.

We are glad that awareness was raised to this issue and we hope the party to be a huge success.–hos-party