Human Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery.

Why don’t they just seek help?

Captivity/Confinement – Locked up indoors/ rooms /trunks of cars/ closets/ basements

Guarded/Frequent Accompaniment – Monitored and controlled by the pimp and others

Isolation – Kept from others/support networks and structures/ means of other relief

Use of Threat of Violence – Severe physical retaliation (rapes, sexual assault, brutal beatings, torture)

Fear – Afraid of physical retaliation to themselves or loved ones, fear of death or of arrest

Misinformation/ False Promises – Told lies or deceitful information

Shame – Deep embarrassment over forced activities they have performed and continually must perform

Self-blame – Pimps brainwash them to blame themselves

Dependency – Consistent and repetitive Pimp control creates dependency

Debt Bondage – Owe money to Pimp that cannot practically be paid off

Loyalty to Pimp – Stockholm Syndrome – similarities to Battered Women’s Syndrome – in love with Pimp

Lack Documentation and ID – Usually confiscated by Pimp or others

Distrust of Law Enforcement – Taught/brainwashed to fear law enforcement—learn distrust of law enforcement due to direct negative experiences/reinforced by pimp

Social Barriers/ Strange Surroundings – Frequent movement

Lack of Knowledge of Social Systems – Don’t understand social service infrastructure/how to get help/where to get help/who to ask for help

Hopelessness/Resignation – Give up/ apathy/ no self-worth/ disassociation/ resigned to “the life”


Pimping involves a complex relationship between the pimp and one or more women/girls.  The Pimp wields complete domination and control.  The Pimp induces commercial sex acts to make money!

The Pimp uses a combination of highly intensified manipulation and feigned affection.  The Pimp uses brutal violence.  The Pimp uses verbal, psychological and emotional abuse to attain authoritative levels of control and obedience.  The Pimp is motivated by money!  The victims are forced into commercial sex acts.  The Pimp keeps the money.  The Pimp retains the control and prides himelf on achieving the highest level of blind obedience.


  • Sex Trafficking
  • Involuntary servitude
  • Physical/Sexual assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual abuse of a minor
  • Money laundering
  • Tax evasion
  • False and fraudulent identities
  • Fraudulent checks
  • Racketeering
  • Child pornography
  • Pandering
  • Falsifying business records


Pimps have formal “rules” for the women/men and minors under their control.  Some of the pimping rules include:

Daddy – Women and girls under a pimp’s control should never know the pimp’s real name or identity and refer to him exclusively as “daddy.”

Eye Contact – Women and girls should not ever make eye contact with ANOTHER pimp.  If this rule is broken, they usually suffer serious physical violence

Sidewalks and Streets – “Pimps Up, Ho’s Down,” – Women and girls must always exist in “lower” status than the pimp.  This includes standing only on the street during street prostitution without venturing onto the sidewalk.  If a woman or girl ventures onto the sidewalk, they will be severely reprimanded and possibly forced into a “pimp circle.”

Quotas – The nightly monetary quotas set by pimps must be reached by providing commercial sexual acts or through theft

Selling The Dream

Pimps have a distinct intial recruiting behavior. They establish the strong front of false love. They sell the dream!

How do they accomplish this task of selling the feigned affection fairy tale?  Through the initial period where it is critical to establish long-term mind-control, they begin the process that includes:

  • Warmth, gifts, compliments and sexual and physical intimacy
  • Purposeful and pre-meditated targeting of vulnerability – they prey on runaways and throwaways
  • Elaborate promises of “a better life”
  • Elaborate promises of fast money and continued future luxuries
  • Purposeful targeting of minors due to naïveté, virginity and youthful appearance

Manipulation through false love and affection!

Terms commonly used in the human trafficking industry:

  • Bottom, or Bottom B*tch: A person appointed by the pimp/trafficker to recruit potential victims, report violation of rules, and often to help punish.
  • B*tch: A term used endearingly toward another to refer to a “working girl”
  • Branded: A tattoo on a victim indicating ownership by a trafficker/pimp.
  • Daddy: A term a male trafficker /pimp requires his victims to call him.
  • P.I.: Another term for pimp
  • Family or Folks: A group of victims under the control of a trafficker/pimp. The term is an attempt to recreate the family environment.
  • Gorilla Pimp: A violent trafficker/pimp
  • Romeo/Finesse Pimp: A trafficker who uses fraud and deception to lure their victims in by pretending to be their boyfriend.
  • Grooming: When a trafficker is dating a girl to win her trust, before he tells her he is trafficker or pimp.
  • Lot Lizard: Derogatory term for prostituted women and children at truck stops.
  • Pimp Circle: Describes a situation where pimps circle around a victim to intimidate and discipline them, using verbal and physical threats/action, i.e.beating with wire coat hangers, defecating and urinating on victims
  • Quota: The amount of money a victim must give to their trafficker/pimp each night. If a quota is not met, the victim may be made to work until it is, or may be beaten or otherwise disciplined.
  • Seasoning: The process of breaking a victim’s spirit and gaining control over her, using rapes, beatings, manipulation and intimidation. There is actually a manual for pimps on how to season victims.
  • Stable: A group of victims under the control of a pimp.
  • Trade Up/Trade Down: The act of buying or selling a person for a pimp’s stable.
  • Knock: Convincing a girl to go home with a trafficker – before the “turning out” phase.
  • Turn Out: To be forced into prostitution; also a person newly involved.
  • “Wifey” or Wife-in-law: A term prostituted women and children are required to call the other females in the “stable.”
  • Sister: Another term for the other females in the stable.
  • Kiddie Track or Runaway Track: Just what it sounds like it means.
  • The Track/ The Blade: The area in which a girl walks to try to catch a date.
  • John / Trick: A man purchasing sex from a prostituted woman or child.
  • Date: The appointment set up to exchange sex for money.
  • Staying in/out of pocket: abiding to the rules that the trafficker has set before his females.
  • Stack: Putting money to the side, whether a girl stacks money without permission, or the trafficker is stacking money so they can make a move
  • Square: A person who is living a “normal” lifestyle
  • The Game/The Life: What the entire life of human trafficking is referred to.
  • Chose Up: the act of joining a traffickers stable.
  • Choosing Fee: A term used on girls to pay to enter the stable

Facts & Figures

The commercial sexual exploitation of American youth is an unspeakable crime in which South Florida is a magnet and playground for traffickers and buyers alike. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are two cities in Florida that provide particularly luring destinations for both tourists and locals looking to buy and sell children in the sex trade. Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Report