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Testimonial Letter  Testimonial Letter




 Thanks for holding onto me and not giving up on me. I’ve been given up on my whole life. I just wanted a friend that would love me no matter what. I prayed for a friend like you for as long as I can remember. I just wanted someone to love me. I always found people that would push me and then they’d bounce because I was extremely hard to handle and get close to. The first time I met you you glowed. I used to pray for years for God to show me that He is real and to show me a sign. I left TK because i wanted life skills. I knew I believed in Jesus. I have my whole life. My Grandma has such a strong devoted faith in the Lord and she taught me when I was super little how to pray and made me promise not to tell my Dad. I never did but I’ve prayed my whole life. I know that’s why I’ve made it. I should be dead or in jail or a statistic. Anyways when I left Talitha Koum, I left because I wanted to learn more about life and living healthy. You called me on all of my shit all along, everything from smoking, to toking, to drinking and eating crap, acting sleazy and shady. You didn’t push meetings on me. You pushed the gym, eating right, working and banging my attitude and trusting in Jesus. The more I trust and put my faith in God the better my life is becoming. Thank you for being my angel and for loving me all along. I love you sooo much because ever since my friend passed away I think about all of the od’s in Quesnel since I moved here. Nobody could handle me, but you believe in me, in something. My Mom was saving for a funeral fund to bury me because she gave up. While she was saving money for my death. You fought to help save my life. I think about that every angle day, every single morning. You were the person who changed my opinion of Christians. I always loved God. I hated Christians. You invited me into your family. Thank you. You taught me all about love, loyalty and being a good person. I thought everyone and everything was better than me. I had horrible confidence and self worth and self esteem. Hands down I would be dead if God didn’t answer my prayers and send me you because everything that I told Him I needed and why treatment would never work when it seemed like the only option, you taught me. Anyways I don’t want to wake you, I just want you to know that every time I look at you so much love pumps through me and I feel truly blessed to have such a strong and respectable, classy role model and friend. I have so much love and respect for you. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank Jesus for you. You’re the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, the friend I’ve always searched for and in the least likely place, there you were glowing.





I met Tania through the death of my best friend. On my late friends memorial page is where I found her. Tania was grieving to this tragic loss and I saw her comments. I looked into who she was and what she was all about and it turned out she was the one I had been longing for. Not only had she had a similar back round to mine, she was also really good friends with my friend that passed. All three of us had similar back rounds being in the adult industry. But Tania and were the only 2 left standing alive. Tania comforted me through the loss and vise versa. Sharing our beautiful memories of our friend, laughing and crying. Tania would be up with me many late nights when I was coming off cocaine and booze. She would talk with me for hours and finally convinced me after a year, to leave my toxic life in Toronto and come back to my home in Vancouver. I wanted out of the adult industry so badly by this point after all the love Tania had put into my heart and soul.  She is someone I look up to and aspire to be like with a huge heart of gold for these women like me. I now want to help and be a part of Save The Women one day when I am ready. I truly deep in my heart feel that all the women that Tania is saving, well maybe not all but some, will be a big part of Save The Women. She is building up an army now. It’s in its baby stages but with all the support of the girls she saved and others, I believe she will make a HUGE difference. She already had in my life BIG time. I am sober off cocaine, and booze for 8 months (With 2 relapses, but that’s pretty good considering I was doing it EVERY night before) And I am out of the adult industry completely. I have not danced in 8 months and am working on my vegan raw food business. Without her I would not be able to do this. She gave me the tools and I used them. I feel that girls that really want to change will find Tania some how just like I did. We need more Save The Women help and helpers. I see how over worked Tania is and she works her butt off. She needs more help so that she is not spread so thin. That really worries me because all of us girls need her and need her time, she also is dealing with women from all over the globe and sometimes doesn’t sleep and it’s just too much to take on for one person. I love her very very much and wish I could help, but I am still in the stage of rehabilitation and healing and can’t really help much at this point… Just being honest. But thanks to Tania, I’m working on being a stronger woman of value and I no longer wear short skirts and cleavage tops. Lol. I love u Tania!


To Tania, regarding all the help to you do with Save The Women: 

I am a former Madam and a current call-girl in Sask. Canada. I have been working in this industry for many years and after being traded , sold, and borrowed too and from man to man year to year, with the help, love and encouragement of Tania, I finally decided that no man would ever get a dime from me by taking my money, and I turned cold, sold my soul to the devil. I decided that I would do it ALONE… and ALONE I am or I was anyway until meeting Tania. I’m slowly but surely am changing my life, and helping others girls to get OUT…. 

I always thought that No-One really knew the REALITY of Prostitution and the feelings that go with it till I met Tania. She is helping me find a new way to life, a new way to think, and realize that I am am/was so TRAPPED in the WORLD of SELLING HUMANS, Selling SEX selling my SOUL.
I am trapped, everything I know is now THIS ……

“HELP me and Continue To guide me Tania, without you I would feel no HOPE, NO where to go, I wake up everyday, YES still TRAPPED in my HELL… but I know there is a way to the LORD, a way OUT…. and everyday I get one more day closer due to your love, support and guidance.”

I don’t know what it is about Tania but she listened and cared. She told me to pray everyday and God will lead me, so I pray everyday, waiting, knowing that soon I will be free, free from the pain…. FREE To walk with ONE MAN …… JESUS.
Each day I live for this… burying the pain and sickness I feel with the money I make, the pills I take and the make-up to hide it all. 

In TRUST a Friend Forever.


 I was a prostitute for 3 years of my life and re-dedicated my life back to Jesus last year.  Since having met Tania and getting involved with STW’s purpose I have been inspired to reach out to women still stuck in captivity of selling their bodies and souls. It has given me a great purpose in life. I had still carried alot of shame since I got out of escorting and had trouble telling people of my past until I heard of Tania’s mission, heard her and her guests share similar pasts publicly on her talk show giving God the Glory for getting them out.  Tania taught me purity, helped me understand that my identity is in Christ and that my testimony belongs to God.  I am now walking in purity, boldness and am learning to let God heal my heart.  Its great to be involved in STW seeing Gods justice and forgiveness come to saving women like myself.

- Lydia


I want to share with you that your presentations at our conferences were greatly and warmly

received by our attendees. The audiences were visibly moved hearing your testimony and work
you are doing to help fight human trafficking, prostitution and the moral decay afflicting
women and the national culture.


I was greatly pleased to have you at our conferences and I look forward to inviting you to speak
at future conferences. God bless you and your work.


- Tony Nassif ,  www.preventingabuse.org


“It my honor getting to know Tania and her heart to rescue victims from sex/human trafficking. Her life is a living testimony of a total transformation and an undeniable redemption of God. It injects hope and inspiration into a world with so much brokenness.”

- B.O.Z ,  recording artist _ evangelist, www.bozstyle.com

“…Ms. Fiolleau is passionate and tireless in her work to eliminate human trafficking both locally and internationally, and she is active in raising awareness of this issue to those who may be unaware of human trafficking’s profoundly negative scope and human cost. If there is anyone who can speak to this issue (in particular, the ravages of prostitution) it is Ms. Fiolleau. She is a true humanitarian.

– MB, University Professor  at Trinity Western University


“Tania is a dynamic crusader that any of us on a mission to prevent
slavery would welcome to their team.  Her love for God and His will to
prevent human abuse is a testament to her faith and dedication to
freedom…which blankets the entire speaking presentation.  it is a
blessing to know her.”

-Bazzel BazPresident and Founder of ARC  and Former CIA


“On behalf of the National Latino Peace Officers’ Association, I wish to express our support, endorsement and appreciation for the work of Tania Fiolleau and the Save the Women Foundation.  I have had the recent privileged of participating as a guest speaker in a couple of Human Trafficking conferences of which Tania was also a guest speaker. Tania’s presentations on Human Trafficking and exploitation have been phenomenal and extremely insightful. As a twenty-five year law enforcement officer who has worked a variety of assignments pertaining to narcotics and Human Trafficking, I can say with certainty that Tania has a passion and determination to help others who have fallen victim to the predatory practices of those who exploit others.  Tania’s dedication, efforts and commitment in helping to protect children, women, families and the nation from Human Trafficking and Exploitation is of immense value and she is to be commended for all her efforts.”


- Oscar Mejia -  President National Latino Peace Officers Association, North Los Angeles County Chapter


Are you Struggling with Porn?

If you are struggling with porn, prostitution or illness please read Tania’s powerful new book, “Souled Out!” which you can purchase a copy through this website www.savethewomen.ca  You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!


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