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Tania Fiolleau

Tania Fiolleau – Tania’s Truth Talk TV Talk Show Host. International Speaker. Founder of Save The Women Ministry International. Ambassador for Christ.



Since 2009, Tania has been a major and respected voice in the media across Canada and internationally, speaking on human trafficking, prostitution, violence and on domestic servitude – “It will not be tolerated and must be abolished world wide,” she said.




“In her ministry and in our church she extended, love, compassion and practical care to countless people in prostitution, poverty, crime and abuse. Women with extreme backgrounds find it easier to trust her than your average person because of her compassion combined with her street smarts. She is also a sought after speaker and abolitionist against sex trafficking and prostitution being interviewed many times on television and in media.

Tania has a perservering spirit, resourcefulness, strong work ethic and extra ordinary ability to network. She is compassionate with underdogs, a fighter, generous, courageous and a risk taker. She is continuously growing as a person and is driven by her faith in God and by the aspiring personal transformation that has resulted in her persuit to Him.

I’m happy to recommend Tania for any position or endeavour that she may seek to pursue. With her abilities, adaptiveness, initiative and dedication, she is a valuable asset to any organization.”

-Tania’s Pastor, J. Wong


“I wish to express my support, endorsement, and appreciation for the work of Tania Fiolleau. I can say with certainly that Tania has a passion and determination to help others. Tania’s dedication, efforts and commitment in helping to protect women, children and families from Human Trafficking and exploitation is of immense value and she is to be commended for her efforts.”

DEA _ FEDS _ Latino Peace Officers Association. Lieutenant Oscar Mejia


“Her entusiasm, strong work ethic, and overall positive attitude have been inspiring and unparalleled. She has clearly stood out from all others in the community in spearheading new initiatives to connect with women. She has been instrumental in changing lives.

Her creativeness and resourcefulness has been the driving force in adding new dimesnsions to this fight. I am forever grateful for the overwhelming effort Tania has put into bringing social change.”

- The Royal Canadian Mounted Police R.C.M.P Kal Dosanjh


“Tania was our speaker at the Annual Spring Luncheon of the Northern Ontario Chapter of REAL Women of Canada in North Bay. If you want a riveting speaker for your event who can speak passionately on saving women from prostitution, human trafficking, porn addiction, domestic violence, or the importance of chastity, book Tania right now. She speaks with conviction and from personal experience. Her presentation captivated the audience. She confidently fielded many questions during our Q and A and had a line-up after the luncheon, with people who wanted to talk to her privately and purchase her book, “Souled Out”. We had extremely positive feedback from our luncheon participants. I highly recommend Tania as a gifted public speaker.”

Pauline Guzik, President, Northern Ontario Chapter of REAL Women of Canada, North Bay, ON


” I was a prostitute for 3 years of my life and re-dedicated my life back to Jesus last year.  Since having met Tania and getting involved with STW’s purpose I have been inspired to reach out to women still stuck in captivity of selling their bodies and souls. It has given me a great purpose in life. I had still carried alot of shame since I got out of escorting and had trouble telling people of my past until I heard of Tania’s mission, heard her and her guests share similar pasts publicly on her talk show giving God the Glory for getting them out.  Tania taught me purity, helped me understand that my identity is in Christ and that my testimony belongs to God.  I am now walking in purity, boldness and am learning to let God heal my heart.  Its great to be involved in STW seeing Gods justice and forgiveness come to saving women like myself.

- Lydia


I want to share with you that your presentations at our conferences were greatly and warmly

received by our attendees. The audiences were visibly moved hearing your testimony and work

you are doing to help fight human trafficking, prostitution and the moral decay afflicting

women and the national culture.

I was greatly pleased to have you at our conferences and I look forward to inviting you to speak

at future conferences. God bless you and your work.


- Tony Nassif ,


“It my honor getting to know Tania and her heart to rescue victims from sex/human trafficking. Her life is a living testimony of a total transformation and an undeniable redemption of God. It injects hope and inspiration into a world with so much brokenness.”

- B.O.Z ,  recording artist _ evangelist,


“…Ms. Fiolleau is passionate and tireless in her work to eliminate human trafficking both locally and internationally, and she is active in raising awareness of this issue to those who may be unaware of human trafficking’s profoundly negative scope and human cost. If there is anyone who can speak to this issue (in particular, the ravages of prostitution) it is Ms. Fiolleau. She is a true humanitarian.

– MB, University Professor  at Trinity Western University


“Tania is a dynamic crusader that any of us on a mission to prevent
slavery would welcome to their team.  Her love for God and His will to
prevent human abuse is a testament to her faith and dedication to
freedom…which blankets the entire speaking presentation.  it is a
blessing to know her.”

-Bazzel BazPresident and Founder of ARC  and Former CIA


“On behalf of the National Latino Peace Officers’ Association, I wish to express our support, endorsement and appreciation for the work of Tania Fiolleau and the Save the Women Foundation.  I have had the recent privileged of participating as a guest speaker in a couple of Human Trafficking conferences of which Tania was also a guest speaker. Tania’s presentations on Human Trafficking and exploitation have been phenomenal and extremely insightful. As a twenty-five year law enforcement officer who has worked a variety of assignments pertaining to narcotics and Human Trafficking, I can say with certainty that Tania has a passion and determination to help others who have fallen victim to the predatory practices of those who exploit others.  Tania’s dedication, efforts and commitment in helping to protect children, women, families and the nation from Human Trafficking and Exploitation is of immense value and she is to be commended for all her efforts.”


- Lieutenant Oscar Mejia -  President National Latino Peace Officers Association, North Los Angeles County Chapter and FBI and Former DEA.





Speaking Engagements

Tania is available globally as a speaker on topics such as domestic violence, prostitution, human trafficking and the redemption of Jesus Christ.


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