Abolitionist Action List

Read “Souled Out!” by Tania Fiolleau : (can be purchased off this site)

  • Invisible Chains: Canada’s Underground World of Human Trafficking by Benjamin Perrin
  • The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade by Victor Malarek
  • The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It by Victor Malarek
  • A Crime So Monstrous by E. Benjamin Skinner
  • Priceless (novel) by Tom Davis
  • The Whistleblower by Kathryn Bolkovac and Cari Lynn


Subscribe to: Savethewomen1 on youtube

  • TRADE (full length film about how girls are trafficked into the U.S.)
  • Fields of Mudan (short film about a young girl’s introduction to a brothel)
  • The Candy Shop Documentary by Whitestone Motion Pictures (artistic short film using metaphor and symbolism to raise awareness about sex trafficking)
  • Enslaved & Exploited: The Story of Sex Trafficking in Canada by Hope for the Sold
  • Sex+Money: The National Search for Human Worth

Follow & Subscribe

  • www.savethewomen.ca
  • www.humantrafficking.change.org
  • www.endmoderndayslavery.com
  • www.love146.org/blog

Donate cell phones

www.phones4freedom.org recycles them to help prevent human trafficking. Email michelle@hopeforthesold.com to receive information on free shipping from Canada.

Buy Smart

Research where products come from and how they are made.

  • Cards: www.sanctuaryspring.com
  • Fair Trade Shopping Guide: www.shoptostopslavery.com

Donate to Organizations

  • Save the Women : http://www.thisglobalvillage.com/project/project.aspx?asset=653

Encourage an Abolitionist.

Send a note of encouragement or gift to someone like:

People like these work hard to fight human trafficking, and might appreciate encouragement every now and then! There are many others as well, so find someone you are inspired by and send some love their way.

Be the Movement

Say no to legalization of prostitution. Stay connected and educated.

Raise a Movement

Parents, teach your kids what it looks like to respect women, and check out www.kidsintheknow.ca for internet safety tips.